Giant closets and dance parties.

17 Oct

I call them my sugar dreams. When I eat anything sugary before bed I always have crazy dreams. I’ve always wanted to write short stories about them, especially the action adventure/fantasy ones. In my first dream I went back to work and I had my old boss, D. I was also going to school and the days kept flying and it would be 7pm and I just couldn’t finish what needed to get done. The second dream of the night was more interesting. I was in a giant closet which may or may not have been a retail store as well. The music was pounding it it was a giant mess of beautiful clothing on racks and people moving to the music. My friend Bun was there – she met a guy but blew him off. I think his name was Shaun McGinty LOL. She said she hated when a guy didn’t outlast her microfiber stockings.  As I walked thru the racks I noticed a green and black trend as well as lots of brown. I think the green idea came from Shirley Partridge – she was wearing a cute kelly green knee length coat on the episode of the Partridge Family last night. Right now fall fashion is on my brain b/c I am so unimpressed with what the magazines are showing. I actually tossed the October Lucky without liking a single page, let alone item. I am not a fan of all this Navajo trend and what I call Bubby fashion. It all looks sloppy with stuff you can grab from your grandmother’s closet – and I’m not talking the good stuff. I believe that fashion should be beautiful and aspirational – yet accessible. Right now I was to see something fabulous that will make me want to be skinny again. For now I’ll be going in my own direction this season…


Welcome to my world…

17 Oct

In my 20s I was loud. When I hit 30 I think I finally settled into my own skin and calmed down a little. It might have had something to do with getting married and giving birth to my son. But with each kid I lost more and more of my voice and more and more of my friends. Maybe that’s the natural progression when you become a mom, I’m still not sure. Join me in my journey to reconnect with who I was and who I want to be. I used to think I would rule the world – or maybe just the fashion world. My mom still wants me to go to law school – she can’t understand why she’s not visiting me in my mansion in suburbia.  But the funny thing about Manhattan is that it can be a big or as small as you want it to be.  The longer I stay – the smaller it gets…for me at least.  It’s so easy to settle into routines and the lose sight of the bigger picture. For the past 10 years I’ve been hiding in my box (what I call my tiny apartment – and I’m not just talking by NYC standards). I’m not sure if I’m ready to come out of it…maybe just expand it a little bit 🙂