Giant closets and dance parties.

17 Oct

I call them my sugar dreams. When I eat anything sugary before bed I always have crazy dreams. I’ve always wanted to write short stories about them, especially the action adventure/fantasy ones. In my first dream I went back to work and I had my old boss, D. I was also going to school and the days kept flying and it would be 7pm and I just couldn’t finish what needed to get done. The second dream of the night was more interesting. I was in a giant closet which may or may not have been a retail store as well. The music was pounding it it was a giant mess of beautiful clothing on racks and people moving to the music. My friend Bun was there – she met a guy but blew him off. I think his name was Shaun McGinty LOL. She said she hated when a guy didn’t outlast her microfiber stockings.  As I walked thru the racks I noticed a green and black trend as well as lots of brown. I think the green idea came from Shirley Partridge – she was wearing a cute kelly green knee length coat on the episode of the Partridge Family last night. Right now fall fashion is on my brain b/c I am so unimpressed with what the magazines are showing. I actually tossed the October Lucky without liking a single page, let alone item. I am not a fan of all this Navajo trend and what I call Bubby fashion. It all looks sloppy with stuff you can grab from your grandmother’s closet – and I’m not talking the good stuff. I believe that fashion should be beautiful and aspirational – yet accessible. Right now I was to see something fabulous that will make me want to be skinny again. For now I’ll be going in my own direction this season…


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